Things You Should Know about Hair transplant Cost in India

Today’s strenuous life along with many other factors is responsible for the Hair loss problem among people these days. Not only does it affect the old but also the youth, irrespective of whether it is male or female. Besides many factors responsible for increased hair loss problems, many solutions are available in the market to [...]

Hair Transplant Procedure – 2020

Hair Transplant Procedure: Know-How Steps on Hair Restoration Surgery Scalp hair is one of the most attractive extensions a human body possesses. Every one of us shells out thousands when it comes to providing right care of our locks. However, it becomes quite alarming and stressful when you experience conditions like hair top thinning up [...]

The COVID-19 Impact on Hair Transplant Operations

As in India and most parts of the world, the ‘normal life’ has been put on hold while the government and concerned professionals are addressing the COVID-19 crisis. We all are aware that this situation continues to remain vigorous and concern for all of us. The sole purpose of releasing this article is to convey [...]

Most Important Things to Expect After A Hair Transplant Procedure (Post Operative Instructions)

Hair transplant procedure & Post Operative Instructions A hair transplant in India is usually a one day process. You can go home by the end of the day as long as you are not the one driving. You can go back to most of your day to day activities from the next day itself. But […]

“Secure Mane through Hands” an article on Dr.Sohi and his surgical prowess in Hair Clinics Special of Silicon India magazine.

The Hair Clinics Special Edition of Silicon India magazine has rated Reviva Clinic as one of the 10 most promising hair clinics in India. Silicon India is India’s largest community of professionals. In a well written special feature “Secure Mane Though Hands” the hallmarks of reviva clinic were outlined. The surgical prowess of Dr.Sohi was mentioned and so was [...]

Why is Reviva Clinic a Prime Destination for Hair Transplant in India?

Hair transplant in India has seen a steady grown since 2008 with more and more patients choosing to give it a try. This, in turn, has led to significant growth in the level of expertise of Hair transplant in India. More and more practitioners of FUT and FUE hair transplant techniques have gained significant years […]

5 Most Common Stressors that Cause Female Hair Loss

“Crowning Glory,” a word often used to denote a woman with beautiful, shiny, and healthy hair. The faces of many beautiful women flash in our minds when we hear these words. Then there is the fairy tale of Rapunzel, a whole romantic story spun around her unbelievably long tresses. Having voluminous hair is very important […]

The Economics of Hair Transplant

Now that you have done your research about hair transplant, you are convinced about its viability and efficacy. There is just one big looming question on your mind to which you would like a concise answer. How much does it cost for a hair transplant treatment? Although there are other important questions like, how much […]

Regain your Youthful Appearance with FUE Hair Transplant in India

Over the years, hair transplant has grown exponentially to gain recognition as the single most effective solution that there is out there to combat hair loss.. It has not taken very long at all for it to become a trend of sorts with people, especially men, also choosing it to alter the definition of their […]

Why Should You Try Hair Transplant

A receding hairline is every man's worst nightmare. It manifests itself without a warning, and it is more common in men than in women. This is the primary reason why it is commonly known as male pattern baldness. When it especially hits you at a young age, it can be extremely frustrating. Being confronted with [...]