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Reviva Clinic, a pioneer in FUE hair transplant in India was founded in 2008 by one of India’s finest FUE Hair Transplant artist Dr. Prabdeep Sohi. Since its inception, Reviva has become the only clinic in India to have served more than 10,000 patients from around the globe successfully. People come from all parts of the world to get the exceptional services of hair transplant in India because, the restoration cost is affordable than when done elsewhere.

The Reviva Clinic medical team is comprised of an elite group of specialists personally chosen and trained by the organization’s founder, Dr. Prabdeep Sohi. At Reviva, the rigorous selection process of personnel complements an intensive training regimen, making the team member confident and proficient in the medical procedures that result in natural looking hair for patients who have decided to go for FUE hair transplant. We thrive on consistent results, complying with the organization’s philosophy towards upholding high standards of excellence and trust. This has helped us earn the reputation of being a highly capable and result oriented team of medical professionals with a proven track record.

The striking thing that can be easily seen at Reviva Clinic is the professionalism. Every client is highly esteemed and accorded the respect that they deserve. Your case will be sorted out in a manner that will please you from the contact at our reception. You don’t have to worry that your medical information will be disclosed to the public. We hold fast to the principles of confidentiality to encourage every individual to feel free with us. A clinical solution can be arrived at easily when there is trust between the doctor and the patient.

Hair loss can be a significant drawback that can affect the confidence of an individual. Fortunately, it is a reversible process that naturally and completely restores hair on the affected areas of the scalp. We are using the most efficient method of  known as FUE (follicular unit extraction). It has been shown to be the only way to achieve the best result in hair transplantation. Many other clinics in India  use other simpler options of hair reconstruction but at Reviva, we want to offer guaranteed success.

The effectiveness of FUE hair transplant makes it the natural and the obvious choice to address the problem of hair loss. It is a thorough procedure that can be suitably used for both men and women alike. We also treat other affected areas such as the eyebrows and beard. They can be restored to facilitate the natural process of hair growth as well. Think of hair transplantation as a garden that needs to be prepared before planting. FUE stands for follicular unit extraction; hence the grafts are individually extracted from the donor site using specialized punches. Depending on the thickness of grafts, punches are chosen for extraction between sizes 0.7-0.9mm in diameter.   One graft has 2-4 hair follicles and each graft is extracted with accuracy and precision to not to damage the roots. From this general idea, you can gather that it is a tasking skill that requires experienced hands and that is what you will exactly find at our clinic in Chandigarh, India.  The rigorous process will eventually obliterate your need for wigs. It is worth every second spent.

Communication with the patient to give them a comprehensive understanding of what the medical procedure of FUE hair transplant entails is the first step of our success. Our technicians, doctor, and nurses are always available for your assistance. Every patient has a right to information. It is this information that will give you the power to make an informed decision. The era of physicians domineering and deciding what they think is best for the patient is long gone. We sit down and determine the extent of the restoration in all dimensions. You will get a chance to communicate to us your finances so that we see how to help you get treated.

The effectiveness of the FUE hair transplant methodology, combined with our exhaustive experience in the field makes our team at Reviva Clinic your friend and a confidant. Good technology without skilled workers is as good as no technology at all. We utilize every opportunity and chance available to make the most out of the technology. With our team of professionals who can help restore your confidence and provide you with a permanent solution to your hair loss conundrum, you will get what you deserve.

We don’t take chances when it comes to client satisfaction. This is why we chose the tested and respected FUE hair transplant technology in India. Not only is it the new age solution to the age-old problem of hair loss, but it is also the choice of every hair transplant artist. At Reviva Clinic, we go to great lengths to specialize in this technique and we assure you that we get better every day. Our ambition is to be the answer to the problem faced by millions of individuals all over the world. Our premier hair transplant facility is fitted with the necessary equipment to get the job done. We don’t rely on other people for the tools of trade because we pledge to offer convenience to every customer.

Nobody else takes hair transplant seriously as Dr. Prabdeep Sohi and the team at Reviva Clinic. For this reason, we plan well in advance to minimize unnecessary clinic visits and consultations. Most of the time is dedicated to getting a lasting solution to hair loss. We value every customer and we offer them a platform to review us and give an impression of our services.

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Why Choose Us ?

  • 1. India’s First FUE only Hair Transplant Clinic
  • 2. A Decade Off monumental experience and over 10,000 satisfied clients.
  • 3. Hair line Artistry expertise allowing us to make consistently undetectable natural hairlines
  • 4. Hand-picked team with exceptional dexterity enabling us to accomplish giga sessions
  • 5. Leading edge infrastructure strategically and proximally placed
  • 6. US FDA approved techniques, instruments and in-house anaesthetist to ensure client safety
  • 7. Pricing that is transparent, affordable and competitive
  • 8. Super speciality and execution of hair transplant procedures only
  • 9. Free consultations


See the Difference Hair Replacement Has Made for These Men and Women

At Reviva Clinic in Chandigarh, India, we are dedicated to providing the hair replacement technology, design, expertise and artistry to create a completely natural, totally undetectable hair restoration solution that meets your specific needs and expectations.

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  • Dr. Sohi is a renowned plastic surgeon with artistic skills. I owe my hairline and good hairs to him. Reviva is simply one of the best hair transplant centre with high class facilities and homely staff. All thanks to reviva clinic.

    Harish Verma

  • My heartfelt thanks to Dr. Sohi and his team. His artistic skills are commendable. I’m deeply touched with his humble nature and quality of work. Cheers to Reviva Clinic.

    Feroz Khan

  • I was referred here by another artist and a very dear friend of mine. He was particularly impressed by Dr Sohi’s team and the facility and so was I. Thank you Dr. Sohi, You are truly an artist yourself.

    Veet Baljit

  • Great plastic surgeon, he is not only one of the best plastic surgeon but also a very friendly and considerate human being. His staff gives you homely feel. The result of my hair transplant surgery was great and I recommend to get hair transplant from him.

    Sarbjit Cheema

  • I am very pleased with results of my hair transplant procedure. Dr Sohi and his team are the best people you can find to work with. He is excellent at his job and still so humble that more than anything it's a pleasure to meet him.

    Binnu Dhillon

  • Dr Sohi comes highly recommended by several of my counterparts and its surprising how humble he is despite of his successful career and endless clients.

    Babbal Rai

  • I run out of words to thank Dr Sohi and his team to give me such an amazing and natural hairline. I was impressed with the unique skill and humility displayed by Dr. Sohi and his whole team that getting the procedure done feels like a cakewalk. I’m thankful for brilliant results

    Nachattar Gill

  • I have got my transplant surgery done at Reviva Clinic few months ago, I have got great results. Dr. Sohi is a thorough professional. Thank You guys! I wish you all the best.


  • A big thanks to the Reviva Clinic team. They are very experienced, professional and friendly. I didn’t felt uncomfortable for even a moment. They are great at their work. Keep up the good work.

    Gippy Grewal

  • A friend from the industry recommended reviva clinic. Services and infrastructure at reviva clinic is on par with clinics overseas. Special mention for the team they are really good at their work.

    Mankirt Aulakh

  • After deliberation for quite some time I chose reviva clinic since it is preferred by many of my contemporaries. Their services are by far the best in the region. Do visit them once for consultation if you are suffering from baldness.

    Jassi Gill

  • I was experiencing hair fall since past few years but the situation got alarming in last 6 months. After doing deep research about the best doctors over here and abroad. After meeting Dr. Sohi I was extremely relaxed that my treatment is going to be done by the one of the best doctors available in India. Staff at their clinic is quite professional. Dr. Sohi is an artist and a gem of a person. He explained all the details of the surgery. I have got great result.

    Zulfi Syed

  • I am really satisfied that I chose Reviva clinic for my hair transplant procedure. Very impressive clinic and facilities, all the persons involved in surgery were extremely cooperative. Surgery took almost a full day but I am really happy that It is going to benefit me. Really love their attitude.

    Amrit Mann

  • I would highly recommend Reviva Clinic for hair transplant. I have got my procedure done last year and I can’t believe that my hair look so natural. I have got exactly the same hair line I wanted. The team at reviva is a bunch of really committed people. Thanks to you guys for my new look.

    Dilpreet Dhillon

  • Full marks to Dr.Sohi and his team for their great work. They really took care of all my doubts. Dr.Sohi educated me about the procedure and instilled confidence in me.  I have got phenomenal results.

    Geeta Jaildar

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