Typical HT Day


A typical day of surgery at Reviva Clinic starts with arrival of the client in the morning. The client is first welcomed at the front desk by our staff. The client is then led to one of the recovery rooms to change into comfortable clothes for the procedure. Then for the next step, high-resolution photos are taken of the client in a room specially assigned for photography. Dr. Sohi then assesses client’s needs and discusses what their expectations are from the procedure.



Drawing the hairline is a crucial step of a hair transplant procedure and it can actually separate a good hair transplant surgeon from a great one. It is imperative to create a hairline so exclusive that it visibly and most aesthetically compliments your face structure. The client is then led to the OT where an anesthetist administers local anesthesia and mild sedation to help start the procedure and for the client to calm down or lower down the anxiety levels.


Depending upon the thickness of the hair size of the punch is chosen between 0.7-0.9 mm for extraction of grafts and minimum damage to follicles. Depending on the condition of hair-loss and number of grafts that are required a plan for hair transplant procedure is made to ensure most judicial use of grafts. Extraction is then done from back and sides of the scalp. To ensure client’s comfort local anesthesia is administered over the donor area first.

Slits Designing:

After extraction incisions are made in the recipient sites. The slits are made with custom-made blades that make a sort of tiny pocket in the recipient area for the grafts to be placed inside of. The slits decide the density as well as the direction of placement of grafts that mimic the natural appearance of hair growth. Simultaneously, the grafts are counted and sorted.


After the implantation, the surgical sites are then cleaned and dressed as the procedure comes to completion. The post-operative instructions are then explained and then the client can leave for the day.

Typical HT Day