Eyebrow hair Transplant


Loss of eyebrows is a cosmetically unacceptable thing as they acquire the central position on face, giving a definitive look to a person.
In terms of direction of hairs in eyebrows, it is a bit different, as in the region nearest to nose, hairs are directed upwards, those at the top point outwards & downwards & the lower ones grows outwards & upwards. Hence, a crisscross pattern is maintained with convergence of these hairs causing a natural elevation which runs horizontally in the middle of each eyebrow.Eyebrow hairs has a short growth phase (anagen) of only about 4 months which leads to telogen phase (resting phase) before fall out, wherein scalp hair has a anagen phase of about 3 to 7 years, thus they grow comparatively longer. In eyebrow transplants, direction of hairs transplanted is of great importance. A fan like splay of hair at the medial end of brow with the convergence of hair at lateral ends needs angle changes for recreation of eyebrows. Hence the recipient sites needs to be at acute angles to skin surface, with the placement of single hair grafts. All this requires a great skill & experience, so that transplanted hairs attain natural growth pattern & direction.


Some of the things which are to be kept in mind, before undergoing this Eyebrow Transplants procedure are-

A regular cut or trimming of these transplanted hairs on eyebrow is required, as they continue to grow and this might also lead to cut end, which won’t be fine tipped.
In eyebrow Transplants, hair is generally taken from the body parts other than eyebrows, which will amount to slight different characteristics in terms of both growth rate & appearance. They will over a period of time, begin to approximate the pattern of growth & characteristics, but may not totally match it.
With due course of time,eyebrow transplants  mature, and needs a regular tweezing and shaping accordingly before another sitting is considered.

Eyebrow hair Transplant