Beard Transplant


A Facial hair transplant is a procedure to restore facial hair namely beard, goatee, or moustache. The objective to undergo such a procedure can range from correcting the shape of the facial hair or filling in a certain area to reconstructing a full beard and moustache. In order to meet the standard of beauty that defines the masculinity many people who are born with sparse or patchy growth of facial hair, opt for a facial hair transplant.

The donor site for the beard transplant is usually the back and sides of the head. After the initial recovery period, the grafts begin to grow normally and are of the same texture and appearance that of beard hair and continue to grow for a lifetime.

The procedure can take up to 2 days to finish depending on the area that needs to be covered. The grafts that are used are usually with one or two hair follicles which are best to achieve the desired natural look of the beard. The most important part of the surgery which determines the end result of your transplant is the angle and placement of grafts on the face which is why it is imperative to choose the right Doctor for your procedure.

Usually, beard growth can be sparse or uneven due to genetic reasons. Sometimes the main reason can be scarring or due to tying beard too tight. Many times using Minoxidil 2 % is beneficial to improve growth before the ideal age for beard transplant has been attained. Even if there are no genetic reasons for the sparse growth of beard, it is advised to wait until the age 25 to consider a beard transplant.

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Beard Transplant