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Hair Loss in men is always quite incident. As per statistics 12% of men in late 20’s age group experience some kind of hair loss but figures increase to 50% as they approach 50 years of age.

Male hair loss has different psychological effects on them, as of some people paying barely any attention to their thinned out hairs and others being greatly affected by their small amount of hair loss restricting them from social gathering and normal functioning at their work. So such people need psychological support for medical treatment to deal with it.

Fortunately, with the advancement in medical field, male hair loss can be prevented or postponed in their early stages either by medical treatments or surgical intervention to restore their natural look.

For past 10 years, new advancements in the treatments are seen and the introduction to oral medications like finasteride (propecia) and development of surgical procedures like FUT & FUE. Over the next decade, we are looking forward for further progress towards cloning of one’s own hair which is yet in the stage of significant progress.

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Women also suffer from hair loss, at least 30% do experience some sort of thinning in their lifetime.
They may not show the characteristic hair loss as in men, but may have diffuse loss all over.
Psychological effects of hair loss in women can’t be ruled out, they being emotionally effected in early stages of thinning.

  • This makes dealing with such patients a bit difficult.
  • Hair loss in women is gradual, being accelerating during pregnancy & at menopause. It is more of hormonal changes, medical conditions and external factors.
    Fortunately, women’s hair loss is very mild and is slow, which helps them to hide their relatively thinned out area with different styling techniques.
    Female pattern genetic hair loss can be described by Ludwig’s classification.

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Medicines are important in prevention of hair loss, especially in the initial stages of hair loss. Various medications are available with varied claims in hair loss but most commonly used and also approved by US FDA are Minoxidil and Finasteride.

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