PRP - Best Hair Transplant in India@Chandigarh, Reviva Clinic


PRP or Platelet-rich plasma therapy has recently come about to be known as a very effective procedure to control hair loss. It has proven to be a potent method to control hair fall among males and females. It comes about as an easy alternative to people who do not wish for a hair transplant and are looking for treating hair fall.

For PRP a small amount of blood is drawn and centrifuged to let the blood separate into its constituents. Then the thin layer of platelet-rich plasma is separated to be injected back into the scalp. Local anesthesia is used to make the treatment painless and its effect wears off gradually in an hour. There are no special precautions before or after the procedure that is to be followed. PRP is a lunchtime procedure with no downtime.

Usually, 3-4 sessions each four weeks apart are prescribed and results begin to appear by the 3rd session.

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