REVIVA was established in 2008

Hair Transplantation Cost

Please see our graft calculator to get an estimate of the number of grafts required.

For a better diagnostic along with a precise costing, we would appreciate if you could kindly send us one set of photos, the photos will enable us to better evaluate the number of grafts to be implanted. Please see our photo guidelines.

Call now for your consultation with Dr. Sohi at +91 987 662 2007. All patients who want to schedule a procedure will pay a INR 10,000 / USD 250 non-refundable deposit toward their surgery. The balance of the procedure is due before or on the day of the procedure in secured funds (credit card,Certified Check, Cash).

You will have to pay transportation charges as applicable from airport to our facility. We operate on a day-care basis and don’t provide any accommodation. If you are coming from other city or country, we can book a hotel for you near our office. We does not profit in any way from transportation and hotel fee.

Other Charges

As a potential patient you, of course, have no idea how or why we charge what we do for hair transplant surgery. We feel it’s important for you to understand our fee structure and know what considerations we had in mind when we published it.

Explanation of Fee Schedule

To begin, we charge by the number of grafts required. The “cost per graft” structure is useful as there is wide variation in the number of grafts required in different patients.

Total Fee of the hair transplant procedure = Cost/Graft x Total Number of grafts.

This per graft fee includes charges for the procedure and required medicines only.

It is also important to realize that we charge on “per graft” basis, and not on “per hair” basis. Most of the grafts will contain either two or three hairs. On an average, a 1000 grafts will contain around 2500 hairs.

All hair transplant consultations are complimentary.