REVIVA was established in 2008

Female Hair Loss Surgery

From ancient times up to the modern day, hair has always been a key aspect of female beauty and has often been described as a woman’s crowning glory. This is why female hair loss can cause considerable concern. This fear is supported by research showing an increasing number of women are losing their hair and experiencing thinning at an earlier age.

There are two basic differences between a male and female hair transplant:

  • In the majority of female cases, follicular units are placed between existing hairs. This requires considerable skill and experience on the part of the medical team to avoid shocking the hair nearby.
  • Hair loss in women tends to be more diffuse. In other words this means that the hair tends to thin over most or all of the head. Whereas with men the hair tends to be lost in a defined area such as the top of the hair, whereas no loss may occur on the sides and back. As in both male and female cases the hair to be transplanted is taken from the back and sides, it is required that the donor area has sufficient density to allow coverage of the recipient area. This is to be determined during the initial personal consultation or alternatively by having clear photos of the donor and recipient areas